Hello my lovelies, I’m Maria and I want to welcome you to my little piece of the blogging universe. I invite you to kick off your shoes, get comfortable and stay for a while.

So, what exactly is the Krafty Owl? Well, it’s a place for me to record all of my krafty creations. Back in 2012 I started Krafty Cards etc. By December of 2014 I realized that I was not very happy with just about everything in my life. So, I stopped blogging and set some goals for the new year, that I actually followed through with! Now that I have a new and improved life I decided that I needed a new and improved blog to go with it, enter the Krafty Owl…


Since Krafty Cards etc. will eventually go away I wanted to bring some of my favorite posts over to the Krafty Owl for you.

45 Random things about me


  1. I have a purse addiction that some would say is slightly out of control
  2. I love old Chevy’s…trucks, cars, whatever. My favorite is the ’70 Chevelle
  3. I am obsessed with pens and paper
  4. I have a huge celebrity crush on Bradly Cooper
  5. …and Bobby Flay
  6. Since I was in 7th grade I have had an ongoing love affair with books. It all started with VC Andrews, Petals on the Wind.
  7. Alice in Chains is one of my all time favorite bands. RIP Mike Starr and Layne Staley
  8. I used to play the piano and the clarinet
  9. I lived in Detroit Michigan for 6 months
  10. I had my tonsils out when I was 11 and almost died due to complications
  11. I love old country music like Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline
  12. I am 100% Italian
  13. I live in the house my mother and her 4 sisters were born in which is 2 blocks away from the house I grew up in which is the house my father and 8 of his brothers and sisters were born in
  14. I am addicted to scrapbooking and paper crafts of all kinds
  15. I love cookies
  16. My favorite flowers are calla lilies
  17. I’m obsessively organized
  18. I used to collect shot glasses and have some from all over the world
  19. I’m an only child
  20. I met Rob Zombie and everyone in his band, White Zombie, in 1995
  21. When I was 3 years old my dad built me a merry-go-round with three little horses for our back yard
  22. I’ve been to Disney World 6 times throughout my life
  23. I have an Associates Degree in Business Administration
  24. I’m the office manager of a local real estate office
  25. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation coming in a close second
  26. My favorite colors are purple, pink and mint green
  27. I love spending time with my daughter
  28. Popcorn is my favorite snack
  29. I like the Harry Potter books and movies better than my daughter
  30. I’ve moved 11 times in my life
  31. I love to play cards, especially gin rummy with my dad
  32. I used to bite my nails until I got braces…then I never did it again.
  33. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies
  34. My dad was a chef and owned his own restaurant
  35. My dad will always be my best friend
  36. I am a huge procrastinator but am trying to work on it
  37. I love hockey, Go Capital’s
  38. I could eat a salad everyday
  39. I am 45 years old so there are 45 random things listed here
  40. I try to read at least one book a month
  41. I am obsessed with cooking shows like Chopped and Worst Cooks in America
  42. I will be a new grandma in April 2018
  43. I worry about everything…way more than I should!
  44. I love my HP Laptop
  45. I love my Blog!!!


Thanks for spending some time with me today. I would love for you to follow along on my blogging journey and let me share my organizing and planning wisdom with you. Connect with me on Pinterest or subscribe by email and get all the latest krafty news delivered right to your inbox.






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  1. Hi Maria!

    I love your blog. I am desperately tryiing to download your free Thanksgiving/Christmas printables but to no success. I have a Mac – don’t know if that’s the problem. Any advice?

    • Hi Kathy,
      I just sent all of the printables to your email. Hope you have better luck this way 🙂

  2. Would you know how I can change the size of your printables to fit my personal size traveler’s notebook? Love your stuff by the way.

    • Thank you so much! I know that if you print landscape, 2 to a page they will be 5.5″x8.5″ but I’m not sure about traveler’s notebook size. Sorry! Happy New Year 🙂

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