About Me

I always wanted to say – “Hi! My name is Maria, and I am dioramaholic.” However, I am aware of the type of society we live in now, and I figured that not everyone would get that. The thing is that no matter the number of devoted fans all over the globe, the diorama is still just a bunch of letters to many. In fact, I didn’t know myself for a while that what I do is called diorama.

So, what do I do? I create the world in its miniature. It is amazing how many details there are if you pay closer attention to everything that surrounds you! At first sight, the process may seem easy or even boring since with modern technology you can finish any project in a matter of hours. I am that kind of person who does not seek easy ways, and all my projects are created manually, with my own hands and my imagination.

When I realized how important diorama can become in one’s life and how little useful information there is, I decided to share my knowledge with anyone as crazy and obsessed as I am. The minute I thought that I understood that proper tutorials are a must and that is what I am going to share in my blog.
Apart from tutorials, it is important what type of tools you use since a slight mistake in choosing those may result in a complete disaster, so I am going to review those too.

All in all, if you decide to follow my blog, you will become as good at the creation of your own miniature towns and cities and landscapes as I am. I am not trying to exaggerate it. I merely know how addictive this craft can be. What is more, there is nothing better than to escape from dull reality once in a while and dive into your own perfect universe.

When did it all start?

I was born and raised in a small Canadian town on the south of British Columbia – Nelson. That is where it all started. If case you have never been there, I must say the views are majestic there. When I was a kid, I loved wandering about the town and observe all the small details that made my hometown what was – the heart of beauty. That is exactly when I decided that I am going to be an artist, I attended art school where they taught me more about the colors and shapes, not to mention the shading – and I am grateful for that. However, as I grew older, I thought that painting was not enough, it wasn’t detailed enough for me. That is when it hit me that making 3-D models of what I see is the best way to express what I feel. So, basically, this is how it all started, and now I want to invite you on a bright adventure into the world of the beautiful diorama with me in my blog!