My Notebook Collection

I have quite a few notebooks that I use on a regular basis. Many of you have been asking for it so now I’m finally giving you the grand tour of my notebook collection and sharing all the details of what each is used for.


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My Notebook Collection



Ever since I can remember I’ve always been addicted to paper and notebooks. When I find a style that I love I tend to over do it…like I have with the Leuchtturm1917’s! They are perfect for everything and I don’t think I will ever stop using them.

Each notebook in my collection serves a specific purpose and I hold each one near and dear to my heart. I’m going to start at the top and work my way down through the entire pile. As always, I’ll include links to where you can purchase your own.


My FoxyFix Notebook



In my lovely Foxydori I have three Moleskine Cahiers notebooks that are used for collections, meal planning, and my gratitude journal. I love the smell and feel of the leather plus its small enough to carry around so I have everything I might need with me at all times.

You can find this Foxydori notebook in a variety of colors and sizes over at the Foxyfix.


My Current Bullet Journal



My current Bullet Journal is a Soft-Cover Moleskine grid notebook. I’ve added a cute little owl sticker to the cover and take it everywhere with me.  I had been using one of these for my work Bullet Journal and decided to make the switch from the dot grid Leuchtturm1917 I had been using to this Moleskine for my personal Bullet Journal too.

I’m really loving the grid format and think I will stick with it for a while. My handwriting seems to be much neater and my OCD is loving the structure of the gridlines.

This notebook holds all of my monthly, weekly and daily spreads, plus any goals and future planning that I need to refer back to on a regular basis.

I picked this one up at my local Barnes and Noble but it can also be found on Amazon.


My New Bullet Journal



This beautiful light blue Leuchtturn1917 is not so patiently waiting to become my next bullet Journal. Don’t get me wrong, I love my current Moleskine but it is a wee bit smaller than the Leuchtturm1917 and not only did I miss that extra space but also the hard cover and the extra bookmark.

This beauty can be found on Amazon.


Krafty Planner Club BANNER


My Personal Journal



I’ve always kept some form of a personal journal and once I fell in love with the Leuchtturm’s I had to have one especially for my daily journaling.

I purchased this dot grid, Anthracite color from Goulet Pens but it is also available on Amazon.


Past Bullet Journals



When I first started Bullet Journaling in October 2015 I used a couple small grid notebooks that I put together myself. Once I knew that this system was working for me and I wanted to continue with it, I decided to splurge and purchase 2 Leuchtturm1917’s, one for my blog and business and one for my personal Bullet Journal.

After a few months, I moved my blog and business into the A4 sized Master Slim. I loved all the room on the large pages and the fact that it wasn’t too heavy but it was still a little large to carry around with me and I decided to move back into the smaller notebook.

The Master Slim Notebooks can be found both on Amazon and over at Goulet Pens


Filofax Notebook



I can’t say enough about how much I love my Filofax notebook! They come with 4 dividers and have a fabulously soft but sturdy cover. I’ve been using this one for my home decorating idea book. I keep a list of ideas, room and window measurements, paint samples and magazine clippings of thing’s I’d like to try.

You can find these Filofax notebooks in different sizes and colors at Goulet Pens.


Rhodia Dot and Lined Pads



Rhodia notebooks have the highest quality paper I have ever used! They are silky smooth and perfect for sketching or doodling.

You can find this and other Rhodia notebooks on Amazon.


Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook



Last but not least is this beautiful Martha Steward Discbound notebook that I’ve recently been using for my blog and business notebook. I love the fact that I can add or remove pages when necessary and that I can move them around if I need to.  Plus it is completely compatible with the Arc System from Staples which makes it even more versatile.

You can find this Martha Stewart Discbound system at Staples in stores and online.


My Notebook & Bullet Journal Supply List

What are some of your favorite Journals that you use every day?

Share your answer in the comments below!


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Maria is a full-time blogger, graphic designer, crafter and bullet journalist. She loves spending time with her family and creating printables and projects to share on her blog, the Krafty Owl.
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Maria is a full-time blogger, graphic designer, crafter and bullet journalist. She loves spending time with her family and creating printables and projects to share on her blog, the Krafty Owl.


  1. I’m currently using two: I have an inexpensive ($5) Greenroom notebook from Target. I used this for my very first BuJo to see if I’d like it. I have another I’m using for my design notebook – notes on ideas and pattern ideas, measurements, etc.

    My actual BuJo is one I picked up from (no affiliation, just a fan). You can customize the planners and notebooks with calendars, to-do lists, blank pages with lines, dots, grids, or a combination. I like that they are spiral-bound, thick paper (no bleeding), pre-numbered, come with a ruler bookmark, a plastic pocket for loose papers and an elastic strap. You can customize the colors and covers. I just ordered my 2nd 5.5 x 8″ notebook from them – with all 170 pages dot-grid.

    • That sounds like an awesome journal, I will definitely have to check it out! I really like that it’s spiral-bound, sometimes I want to fold over the cover and that’s not possible with the Leuchtturms.

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