Send Some Happy Mail This Year

Send Some Happy Mail This Year | the Krafty Owl

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Once upon a time we lived in a world without computers. Without the internet. Without cell phones. You may ask, how did you talk to people? How did you communicate if there was no internet or cell phones for texting? Simple, we wrote letters!

I had a dozen penpals and it was great! I couldn’t wait to get the mail every day hoping that there was something for me. Maybe there would be a letter from my friend or a cousin that was so far away we couldn’t see each other but once a year. I remember hoping that there would be a picture included with my letter so I could understand what they were talking about or see what they were doing.

When I was a senior in high school little older and Dessert Storm happened, many of my friends enlisted in the military and were sent overseas. I began writing them letters on a regular basis so they knew we were all thinking about them, loved them and hoped that they were safe.

This year, I really wanna get back into the habit of writing letters again and I’ve found a bunch of great resources to help me get started. I hope some of you will join me on this journey of the long lost art of letter writing and Send Some Happy Mail This Year!

Write to a Soldier

Soldiers’ Angels – Write letters to deployed service men and women and let them know that someone back home cares. The Soldiers’ Angels mission is to ensure that no soldier goes unloved and you can help them accomplish that mission by signing up today.

Join the 52 Letter Challenge

Michelle Houts’ 52 Letter Challenge – The idea behind this challenge is to write 1 letter a week for an entire year. Michelle has a great list to help get you started or you can follow all 52 of her prompts, she even requests that you send her your first and last letters so you’re already down 2 🙂

Find a PenPal – This is a free site that allows you to directly contact other people seeking penpals. All of the initial interaction happens through Penpalworld so none of your personal information is publicly displayed. Once you’ve connected with a good match you can exchange addresses and start writing letters. – This site is free and allows you to post your information so that others can find you or you can search their engine for someone who matches the type of person you are looking for.

Send a Postcard – I think that Postcrossing is my favorite of all the penpal sites I found and you can send and receive postcards with people from all over the world. You simply create an account and request an address and a Postcard ID. Mail a postcard to that address and soon, you will receive a postcard from another postcrosser.  I’m super excited to get started and send my first postcard, I hope some of you will join me!


Send Some Happy Mail This Year | the Krafty Owl

Have you ever had a pen pal?

Leave your answer in the comments


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Maria is a full-time blogger, graphic designer, crafter and bullet journalist. She loves spending time with her family and creating printables and projects to share on her blog, the Krafty Owl.
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Maria is a full-time blogger, graphic designer, crafter and bullet journalist. She loves spending time with her family and creating printables and projects to share on her blog, the Krafty Owl.


  1. Are you taking part in InCoWriMo (International Correspondance Writing Month) next month? It’ll be my first year participating and I can’t wait. I used to have a couple of penpals back when I was in my late teens and recently started writing to penpals again. It’s great to get back to snail mail! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this idea. I want to go buy some postcards downtown (I live in Nashville) and send some to my close friends who have moved out of town as a hello from back home.

    • You’re welcome. I love that you’re getting your kids involved. Most kids today don’t even know where to put the stamp on an envelope 🙂

  3. I love writing letters but, even more, I love getting hand written letters. I have a few friends who live far away and some family and, while we do connect on social media and email, we also write letters to each other. I’m excited about the resources you provided! I’ll be checking them out for sure. 🙂 Visiting from the SITS!

  4. Oh, I love this idea! I had a couple of pen pals growing up and I miss it too. 🙂 Thanks for listing these! I’m definitely going to check some out! Stopping by from the Family Joy link up. 🙂

  5. I love this..shared pinned tweeted! I use to have a penpal from Australia for years and it was so fun to look forward to her letters that took a while to come and we often sent trinkets too. It is fun to learn from anther customs holidays and adventures in another country and to see pictures and correspond! I am glad you left some great links for everyone to use. I know for myself that my family of six and I will use them! Soldiers love to get mail and often makes their day as do elders who do nt see anyone most of the time or do not have family!
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